1. Introduction

Motor insurance is compulsory under the law of Malaysia. This class of insurance is governed by the motor Tariff and can only be transacted on a Cash Before Cover basis.

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  1. Scope of cover
    • Any loss or damage to vehicle as a result of theft, fire, explosion, lightning, malicious act, impact damage due to accidental collision and
    • Any liability claims from third party for property damage and /or bodily injury arising out of the use of the vehicle.
    • Legal liability to passengers ( LLOP ) – 25% of third party basic premium for first 4 passengers.
    • Legal Liability of Passengers for Act of Negligence – RM 7.50 per car
    • Windscreen damage cover – Each RM100.00 X 15%
    • Flood, windstorm, rainstorm, landslip, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Tempest, Volcanic, Earthquake, Landslide, Landslip or other Convulsion of Nature – 0.5% of sum insured
    • Strike, riot and civil commotion Cover – 0.3% of sum insured
    • Radio cassette/CD player
    • All driver ( applicable to Company / Organisation Policy only ) – RM50.00 per vehicle


    Comprehensive policy
    This is the broadest insurance cover available under the motor tariff and it covers the insured against:-Additional benefits are also available subject to a small additional premium


  2. No claim discount ( NCD )
  3. Insurer shall upon granting the NCD, confirms the NCD with the insured’s previous insurer and if it is discovered that the NCD is incorrect, the insured shall pay the difference within 14 working days, failing which the policy may be cancelled by the company.



    Years Discount
    After 1st year 25%
    After 2nd year 30%
    After 3rd year 38.33%
    After 4th year 45%
    After 5th year 55%
  4. Transfer of ownership
  5. When a vehicle is transferred to a new owner, a fee of RM10.00 ( for all classes) will be charged for the transfer of the insurance policy. NCD is not transferable.


  6. Short Period Cover
  7. All policies which are renewed / extended for less than one year are subject to the following short period rates :-
    Period Premium
    Not exceeding 1 week 1/8 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 1 month 1/4 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 2 month 3/8 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 3 month 1/2 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 4 month 5/8 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 6 month 3/4 of the annual premium
    Not exceeding 8 month 7/8 of the annual premium
    Exceeding 8 month Full annual premium

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Note: All the above stated are subject to insurance company acceptance and approval only.