1. Introduction / coverage
The rates for fire insurance is governed by the revised fire tariff. Ratings are based on construction classifications and trades to which the enclosed tables must be referred and adhered to.


    1. Scope of Cover
      • Basic cover

The basic fire insurance policy covers loss or damage to the property insured cause by :-

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion of domestic boiler or domestic gas cylinder not forming part of any gas work
    • Extension of cover for additional perils

      The policy may be extended to cover loss or damage caused by other named perils as follows :-

      Perils Premium Rate
      a. Aircraft and other aerial devices and / articles dropped there from 0.005%
      b. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption 0.010%
      c. Storm Tempest 0.015%
      d. Flood 0.086%
      e. Explosion Industrial without boilers 0.006%
      Industrial with boilers 0.008%
      Non-industrial without boilers 0.005%
      Non-industrial with boilers 0.008%
      f. Impact Damage 0.004%
      Bursting or overflowing of water tanks apparatus or pipes
      -Building exceeding 5 storey including mezzanine 0.006%
      -Other 0.005%
      g. Electrical installation clause (A) NIL
      h. Electrical installation clause (B) 0.056%
      i. Bush / Lallang Fire 0.005%
      j. Subsidence & landslip 0.081%
      Full Cover 0.10125%
      k. Spontaneous Combustion ( by fire only) 0.081%
      Spontaneous Combustion ( full cover ) 0.161%
      l. Riot strike and malicious damage -Residential properties 0.010%
      -Other than residential properties 0.014%
      m. Damage by falling trees or branches and objects therefrom 0.010%
      n. Leakage of sprinkler system -Buildings 0.005%
      -Contents 0.025%
      Premium loading on basic rate Loading
      a. i) spray painting with warranty 24 A 15%
      ii) spray painting with warranty 24 B 35%
      iii) Powder spray painting with warranty 25 A 10%
      iv) Powder spray painting without warranty 25 B 20%
      b. Liquified petroleum gas (LPG)
      (applicable to industrial risks, Non-industrial risks if more than 110 lbs of LPG is stored and retail risks if more than 15 lbs LPG is stored.
      i) With warranty 22 NIL
      ii) Without warranty 22 10%
      c. Hazardous good warranty – waiver of warranty 3 A (warranty 3B must be used and the loading is on Warranty 3 A’s rate ) 25%
      d. Floating stocks-unnamed location
      (conditions in Rules 1.12.2 must be complied )(highest rate applicable)

Minimum information required for a quotation for fire insurance

  • Name of insured
  • Nature of occupation
  • Location of risk
  • Construction of building
  • Sum insured
  • Claims history

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