1. Introduction

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance is designed to indemnify the insured against loss as a result of dishonesty of persons holding position of trust.

In a business organization, certain position demand a very high level of honesty and trust. The daily duties of the employees in these positions would bring them into contact with cash or goods that can be converted into cash.

A business organization would like to have some form of protection against any loss should their employees abuse their position of trust. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance is therefore most ideal form of insurance to protect the company’s interest.

    1. Scope of cover

This insurance covers direct pecuniary loss as the insured shall sustain by any act of fraud of dishonesty committed by any insured employee.

The loss must be sustained

      • In connection with the insured employees employment and duties
      • During the period of guarantee and renewal thereof
      • During the uninterrupted employment of such employee
      • And discovered during the period of guarantee or within six months

Minimum information required for a quotation

      • Limt of indemnity required
      • Category of staff and their numbers
      • System of check existed in the organization
      • History of previous losses

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