1. Introduction
Money insurance policy is designed to indemnify the insured in the
event of money being stolen or robbed either from the insured’s business premises, or whilst is being carried to or from the bank The loss of money will have any impact on any organization, regardless whether it is a big organization or a small organization. It is therefore extremely important for a money insurance to be effected to
protect the movement from / to the insured’s premises.

  • Scope of cover

The money insurance policy basically cover the following :-

Money in transit

      • Loss of money whilst in transit from the insured’s premises to bank
        and vice versa whilst accompanied by the insured’s authorized employees.
      • In respect of coverage insurance for salaries/wages, this continues
        until the monies insured are fully paid out to the insured’s employees.

Money in premises

      • Loss of money whilst the money is kept in a locked safe or strong
        room in insured premises by forcible and violent entry upon the
        insured’s premises as a result of robbery hold up whilst in the
      • If cover is required for the money kept in locked drawers, cabinets,
        cash register etc it is important for these to be specifically stated
        in the proposal form.

Safe / strong room

      • Damage to the safe/strong room following forcible and violent entry upon the premises or as a result of a robbery or is covered.

Minimum information required for a quotation for money insurance

      • Name of Insured
      • Location of Premises
      • Occupation
      • Building Construction
      • Loss experience
      • A) Money inside premises : –
        • In locked safe – RM
        • Other than (i) – RM

B) Money in transit from office to bank and vice versa

      • Maximum amount any one carrying – RM
      • Number of trips made a month
      • Estimated total annual carrying – RM
      • Position and number of person in charges of transit. Any security guard accompanying?
      • Distance from office to bank.

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