Introduction / Coverage

Parties to a project involving the construction of building or other permanent structures required protection against loss or damage to the works concerned including third party claims in respect of property damage of bodily injury arising in connection with the project.

Contractors All Risk Insurance, subject to some specified exclusions, provide the widest possible cover required. The most important causes of losses covered under contractors all risks insurance are :-

  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Flood
  • Windstorm
  • Earthquake
  • Theft, burglary
  • Bad workmanship, lack of skill, negligence

Minimum information required for a quotation

  • Name of principal
  • Name of contractor and working experience
  • Nature of contract and full description scope of work
  • Breakdown of contract value
  • Third party liability limit
  • Period of insurance
  • Maintenance period
  • Letter of award
  • Site plan
  • Exposure to the elements/ eg water courses
  • Detail of surrounding properties

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Note: All the above stated are subject to insurance company acceptance and approval only.