MyEG Foreign Worker Permit Renewal

New FREE service provided by UCN

Buy insurance through us and let us handle the rest! Stay stress free and sweat-free with UCN…

Yes! You heard it right! It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!! No gimmicks, no hidden charges!

Effective from 06-05-2015, we are helping you to key in your foreign workers’ details for permit renewal via MyEG ( FOR FREE.

We understand the hassles you may face in keying in your foreign workers’ details online via MyEG. Why not let us help you reduce your burden and take away your stress free of charge?

When you choose us as your insurance provider, you can rest assured you will have less work and more peace of mind in your foreign worker permit renewal. So you can now cast your stress and doubts aside, and let us handle the time-consuming tasks for you, at ABSOLUTELY NO COSTS.

What will we do*?

  • We will help you to create an account with MyEG FOR FREE if you do not have one, so that you can monitor your worker’s permit renewal status.
    • We will help you to key in the workers data FOR FREE.
    • We will guide you, step-by-step, in making your payments to MyEG using the online system (including levy and other fees) FOR FREE.

Once the complete information is keyed in and payments to MyEG is made online, UCN will immediately provide you with the insurance policies and tax invoices after you have paid the necessary insurance premiums.

What will you need to do?

  • Please call us for an appointment or walk in to our KL or Klang office, our people are ready to serve you.
  • Sit back and relax while we handle your online permit renewal for you.

*Terms and Conditions

  • For you to enjoy this free service, all you have to do is buy your foreign workers-related insurance through UCN.


  • UCN is not related to MyEG in any way.
  • UCN declares no conflict of interests in providing this FREE SERVICE as it is a value-added service for our customers. We do not receive any benefits whatsoever from MyEG.
  • UCN shall not be responsible for any matters relating to MyEG.
  • UCN shall not be responsible for any work permit issue (e.g. if the permit renewal is rejected by the Government, false permits etc.)
  • UCN shall not be responsible for any delay caused by MyEG in the permit renewing process.
  • *Terms and conditions applied